A court in France, the court banned naming the baby name Jihad (PHOTOS)

Суд во Франции суд запретил называть младенца именем Джихад (ФОТО)

In the French city of Dijon the court has forbidden to name the baby the name of Jihad. Base – the name you can cause negative reaction of the public and thus hurt the child, reports TASS with reference to AFP.

“The court does not accept this name, because he believes that it may be harmful to the baby and to bring him problems,” – said the Prosecutor of Dijon, stressing that the decision had been made “in the interests of one-year-old baby.”

The source said the French Agency in judicial circles, the child’s parents chose a new name Jahid, which in Arabic has the same meaning – strength and courage, but not linked to the concept of war.
The process began in November 2018 after contacting the city hall of Dijon.

“Even if the name of Jihad in the Arab world means a Holy struggle, work, stress and has a positive value in public opinion given the current terrorist context, this name is associated with fundamentalist Islamist movements”, – said the Prosecutor.