A cruel death at the resort in Turkey after a flight on a parachute killed a young guy from Russia (video)

Жестокая смерть на курорте: в Турции после полета на парашюте погиб молодой парень из РФ (видео)

In Antalya, Turkey died on the Russian tourist injured during parasailing. All efforts of the doctors and the operation was futile; received severe injuries boys born in 2001 were incompatible with life, reports NTV with a reference to the representative of the Consulate General of Russia in Antalya.

His mother, also injured because of the accident, was discharged from the hospital.

It is reported that the incident occurred on Saturday, when mother and son were doing parasailing — soaring on a parachute behind a boat. However, the rope connecting the parachute to a boat broke, and tourists caught the wind and pushed on the palms.

As noted in the Consulate General, the Turkish authorities are investigating. It is known that after the accident, was arrested two Turkish citizens and owner of one of the employees of the company organizing the lessons and parasailing.

The newspaper reminds that since the beginning of the season recorded 88 deaths, the incident with the Russians in Turkey. The reasons in particular are associated with health of tourists. In addition, often the Russians are abusing the system “all inclusive” and in a drunken state neglect safety standards. Alcohol consumption almost automatically excludes the incident from the category of insurance claims. Thus, all financial costs are borne by victims and their loved ones.

As previously reported “FACTS” at the end of August in the hospital of Turkey died 12-year-old girl from St. Petersburg, which was damaged in the pool. The girl was swimming, but suddenly strange huddled under the water. It turned out that the child’s arm was sucked into the drain pipe of the basin. Was there a protective grille is not known.

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