A culinary master class in Russian and an exhibition of photos by Anastasia Samoilova: how to spend a weekend in Miami (December 17-19)

Culinary master class in Russian and photo exhibition of Anastasia Samoilova: how to spend a weekend in Miami (17 -19 December)

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What: Power of Science Program

When: Friday-Sunday, December 17-19

Where: Museum of Science 1101 Biscayne Blvd Miami, FL 33132

More details: Find out how science is pushing the boundaries of opportunity through pioneering research and scientist discoveries. From uncovering the secrets of the universe to those inside our bodies, science is a powerful process. It gives us a powerful tool for understanding and solving problems. In Power of Science, you will discover the cutting edge of scientific research.

Cost: $ 0-30

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What: Exhibition of photos by Anastasia Samoilova

When: Friday-Sunday, December 17-19

< b> Where: HistoryMiami 101 West Flagler Street Miami, FL 33130

Learn More: FloodZone is an exhibition of Anastasia Samoilova's extensive on-going photography series on environmental changes in coastal cities in South Florida. Playing with restraint with the familiar motives and palette of the region, the photographs work as complex allegories. Samoilova's imagery provides a broad but poignant perspective on what it is like to live in high-risk areas.

The project focuses not only on the environmental problems of the region, but also on the geography of these cities. Despite climate risks, South Florida is experiencing a dramatic increase in population. The concrete jungle continues to expand and replace mangroves, wetlands and farms. The images will make viewers wonder how the economy of urban development affects the lives and behavior of people.

Cost: $ 0-10

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What: Ugly Sweater Party

 Culinary master class in Russian and photo exhibition of Anastasia Samoilova: how to spend a weekend in Miami (December 17-19)

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When: Friday, December 17, from 4:00 pm

Where: The Wharf Miami 114 SW North River Dr Miami, FL 33130

More details: Get out your quirkiest Christmas sweater and head to a fun themed party. Enjoy delicious holiday treats and a variety of cocktails.

Cost: From $ 0

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What: Farmers' Market

When: Saturday 18 December from 10:00

Where: New Barn Road Miami Lakes, FL 33014

Learn More: All visitors will be able to stock up on local produce for a week, as well as listen to live music and breakfast in the open-air areas in nearby restaurants. Do not forget that social distancing and masks have not been canceled.

Cost: Free

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What : Culinary master class in Russian

When: Saturday, December 18, from 10:00

Where: Online

More: Chef Alex invites everyone to his master class, where he will prepare masterpieces of world cuisine online – Italian bolzano pizza and authentic beef stroganoff. Alex will teach you how to make the perfect pizza dough – thin, crunchy, and you will make the delicious mushroom pizza popular in the Trentino Alte Adige region.

Beef Stroganoff was created specifically for Count Alexander Grigorievich Stroganov, a major philanthropist, the richest man in Russia, who donated his family library to Tomsk University and founded Novorossiysk University in Odessa. But it went down in history primarily thanks to its gastronomy. The fact is that in old age he lost almost all his teeth, and this forced him to abandon many of his favorite dishes. But he continued to be the same gourmet and was incredibly sad about this. So, especially for him, the chef of Count Andre Dupont came up with a recipe for a dish where small pieces of beef were stewed in a special sauce, which made it possible to swallow delicious meat almost thoroughly without chewing without harm to health.

Cost: $ 12

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What: Cemetery tour in Odessa

Culinary master class in Russian and photo exhibition of Anastasia Samoilova: how to spend a weekend in Miami (December 17-19)

Photo: Shutterstock

When: Saturday 18 December from 12:00

Where: Online

More: A visit to the Second Christian Cemetery in Odessa will be a truly interesting journey into the very eventful history of the city of the twentieth century. Founded in the 1880s, the cemetery is the place where the ashes of more than 300,000 inhabitants of Odessa rest. This is the oldest surviving cemetery, where revolutionaries of 1917 and heroes of World War II, legendary sailors of the Black Sea Shipping Company of the USSR and representatives of the bohemia of Odessa are buried.

A beautiful old Orthodox church rises above the cemetery. The only functioning church in Odessa during the Soviet era. It was a funeral service for the poor and the rich, the Soviet elite and the nouveau riche of the 21st century.

Cost: Free

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What: Wine Festival

When: Saturday, December 18, from 5:00 pm

Where: 2833 Bird Ave 2833 Bird Avenue Miami, FL 33133

Read more: It is a festival where you can taste both local and foreign wines. Embark on your journey through the world of this noble drink, and you can enjoy samples of different wines combined with entertainment, food, interactive games.

Cost: $ 35

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