A dark future for Golf Beauport

A dark future for Golf Beauport


Time seems to be running out for Golf Beauport, which is about to conclude its 40th season, while Quebec City could end its activities in a year.  

Since 1983, the company has been operating land belonging to the City of Quebec thanks to a lease renewable every 15 years. However, in 2019, the Labeaume administration had indicated its intention not to renew it when it expired, on October 31, 2023.  

Since then, the managers of the site are still in the void, despite the renewed enthusiasm for this sport during the pandemic. Nearly 700 golfers have also signed a register to save the club.

“The City of Beauport has always told us that we could invest in the course because they were never going to close it, it was to protect the river initially. But this mentality was lost with the mergers,” laments Jacques Bélanger Jr., CEO of the company. 

“If nothing progresses, we will close permanently next year,” he sighs. 

For a school? 

< p>However, several parties, including that of Bruno Marchand, had promised to safeguard the company during the last municipal elections. 

“Everyone says they are ready to save golf, but no one is ready to sign yet,” plagues the director of Golf Beauport, stressing all the same to have good discussions with Mr. Marchand.

The Government of Quebec has called for a new high school in the area, and, by law, the Marchand administration is obliged to free up land for its construction.

Part of the space currently occupied by Golf Beauport would also be sold to a developer and returned to fallow land, according to Mr. Bélanger.

“But this week, we were told that there was finally no more school project. So I don't see why we wouldn't be renewed! » 

Heads full of projects 

Meanwhile, managers find themselves between the tree and the bark, contenting themselves with maintaining the site, but avoiding major investments, for fear of losing everything. 

However, a project estimated at $1.3 million has been running through Jacques Bélanger Jr.'s head for several years .

In particular, he wants to install a mini-golf course and a space for pickleball, pave the parking lot and improve the current greens by planting a hundred trees a year, by draining the driveways and installing sprinklers. 

Quebec City was unable to answer our questions on Saturday.

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