A disgusting caricature, deplores Dutrizac

A disgusting caricature, deplores Dutrizac


QUB Radio host Benoît Dutrizac didn't mince words when he called the “Montreal Gazette” cartoon “disgusting” where we see a dog urinating on a poster marking the 100th anniversary by René Lévesque. 

“It's a Quebecophobic newspaper. But there, to see a dog pissing in front of a poster highlighting René Lévesque's 100th birthday, there are cursed limits. This caricature is frankly drooling,” he railed on his show on Tuesday. The latter added in the same breath that he was tired of being taunted in this way.

In reaction to this caricature during his meeting with Mr. Dutrizac on QUB Radio, Richard Martineau mentioned that pissing on René Lévesque means pissing on the people of Quebec. “Quebec is targeted. What is most “weird” is that this news comes out in the same week that “L'Acadie-Nouvelle” got into it, because they laughed at the Taliban. That was Islamophobic and appalling. However, pissing on René Lévesque is okay,” he quipped.

According to Mr. Martineau, as individuals do not get angry and lie down on the ground, people will wipe their feet on them. The latter wonders if the leader of the Quebec Liberal Party, Dominique Anglade, can stand up to say that she finds this caricature unacceptable.

On social media, Parti Québécois leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon asked all leaders to denounce this caricature. A few minutes later, in an interview at the microphone of Benoît Dutrizac, Mr. Plamondon stressed that it is not surprising to see such a caricature.

“It remains shocking every time. That's what happens, a nation lying on the ground, “he denounced.