A dispute degenerates in Lévis: the two suspects charged with aggravated assault

A dispute escalates in Lévis: the two suspects accused ;s of aggravated assault


The two men involved in an aggravated assault in Lévis in which the victim is still fighting for his life have been formally charged with aggravated assault.

Jean-François Couture, 39, and François-Xavier Dancause, 29, appeared more than 24 hours after the nebulous altercation that took place overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday in the old Lévis. The victim, David Noël, a man in his thirties, was stabbed and there are still fears for his life at this time.  

The prosecutor of the Crown, Me François Godin opposed the release of the two individuals. In addition, a request for a review of the fitness to appear of Jean-François Couture was required before the latter was officially charged with aggravated assault. 

Couture will therefore be examined for five days before returning to the courtroom next Wednesday with the test results. The 29-year-old man will also be detained in the infirmary of the Quebec Detention Facility due to health problems.  

His sidekick showed up by videoconference with a bandage by hand. He will return to court on Thursday, August 11.  

Both men have criminal records involving drugs and theft in particular.