A divorced head of McDonald’s was fired for having an affair with a subordinate (PHOTO)

Разведенного главу McDonald's уволили за любовную связь с подчиненной (ФОТО)

The management of McDonald’s fired Executive Director Steve Easterbrook, due to a close relationship with one of the officers, whose name is not called). Although the 52-year-old Easterbrook divorced, and the affair was by mutual consent, the top Manager admitted that he had violated the corporate rules that prohibit romances between employees of the Corporation, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Easterbrook in the letter, the staff agreed that an error was made, and the management made the right decision to fire him. The representative Easterbrook announced that the former CEO of McDonald’s is grateful for the years spent in the company, and refused more detailed comments. The Board of McDonald’s conducted an internal investigation promptly, but did not disclose its details.

Easterbrook, the successor will be Chris Kempinski, who previously headed the American division of the company. He promised to adhere to the strategic development plan of McDonald’s and assured that no radical changes will not happen.

Steve Easterbrook was the head of McDonald’s in 2015, and previously managed a chain of restaurants in the UK For his work’s market value has almost doubled, however, the number of visitors at the American restaurant chain has diminished. This is explained by the fact that people started to prefer healthy food, and the company is not rapidly improving its range.