A doctor from Uzbekistan in an American clinic treats children from Ukraine for free

Clinic of Hope: how Ukrainian children with terrible body burns are rescued in the USA, TSN reports.

 A doctor from Uzbekistan in an American clinic treats children from Ukraine for free

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В The United States has already carried out more than 50 operations on 18-year-old Nikita Kovbas, who was electrocuted.

A Ukrainian guy who was hit by an electric arc of 22 thousand volts is being rescued in the United States.

Domestic doctors They said they were powerless.

American medicine also gave low chances. They took it out only from Shriners Children: this is the most famous hospital in the world, which is already associated in Ukrainians with the word & # 8220; miracle & # 8221 ;.

In 2005, Nastya Ovchar was rescued there, a girl who rescued her sister from a house in flames and received severe burns.

Now, this clinic has already performed more than 50 operations on 18-year-old Nikita Kolbasa.

Nikita does not remember how he got to Boston for the first time: & # 8220; Memories are cut short by the fact that I was electrocuted and I lost consciousness. And the last footage, I see myself falling. Everything. Wake Up – Boston & # 8221 ;.

The guy was then 14 years old. Two days before the start of the new school year, the teenager went for a walk on the railroad. Sign & # 8220; dangerous, high voltage & # 8221; did not stop him. Nikita thought that if you don't touch the wires, everything will be okay.

But the electric arc doesn't need a wire. High-voltage networks are capable of punching their way even through the air, and distances of several meters are not barriers for them.

But most importantly, they amaze not only with the electrical component, but also with temperatures reaching ten thousand degrees.

& # 8220; The effect is not only external, but also internal. The more we & # 8220; did & # 8221; them, the more they understood that everything was scalded. There are no fabrics & # 8221;, & # 8211; recalls the doctor Gennady Fuzailov.

Doctors in Kiev directly told Nikita's parents to prepare for the worst.

Desperate mother, on someone's advice, wrote a message to the unknown doctor Fuzailov on Facebook. He not only answered, but helped transport the guy to Boston. Nikita came out of a medical coma just on his 15th birthday.

Gennady Fuzailov is a physician from the famous American Shriners hospital in Boston, American, where children with burns are rescued.

Until the age of 18, he lived in Uzbekistan, on the territory of the former USSR. He received his medical education in America.

To obtain the profession of a multidisciplinary doctor, he studied for 18 years.

Received four licenses.

& # 8220; To support them , I take exams every two years. This is required by our laws & # 8221;, – says the doctor.

For many years he participated in medical missions and treated children in China, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, in Africa.

< p>It was thanks to him that 5-year-old Nastya Ovchar survived – a girl from a suburb of Kharkov, who in 2005 took her sister out of a house on fire.

Then the whole country was talking about this story. Ukrainian medicine did not give Nastya the slightest chance, but Boston did.

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Nastya was his first Ukrainian patient. Now she is 21 years old and wants to be a doctor like Gennady.

They meet every year, because doctor Fuzailov still comes to Ukraine to do free surgeries for children.

In 2015, nine-year-old Volodya Bubela flew home from Boston (USA) to Lviv, who was returned by American doctors literally from the other world. After all, the boy received 75 percent of burns on the surface of his body, according to Facts.

The boy received terrible burns during a fire in a barn near his house. There were no chances to survive in Ukraine.

There were few of them in Boston, but thanks to the doctors, everything ended well.

In nine months, the boy underwent almost 40 operations, underwent an intensive course of treatment (this cost the host country about $ 2 million).

And survived, which even amazed American doctors.

& # 8221; Volodya died on the operating table three times every week, we thought that we could no longer get him out, – recalls Gennady Fuzailov. – I honestly told Christina (the boy's mother) that he has practically no chance. When he was brought to us, the nose was the only not burnt place. I went up to Volodya's bed, touched his nose with my finger: “Dzzzz! Hey! You will be fine, you will grow up to be a tough Cossack! ” – and he opened his eyes. He is a stunning boy with a phenomenal love of life, tough as a tin soldier. I was amazed. Ukraine should rely on people like him, because Volodya's genes are made of iron! Now he has hundreds of rescued Ukrainian children with severe burns on his account. The doctor says that this is a team work and without his colleagues he would not have done anything & # 8221 ;.

Parents from Ukraine do not pay a single dollar for treatment in Boston.

For understanding – 1 day in the Shriners intensive care unit costs $ 10,000.

And this is Fuzailov's merit.

The doctor says that he has his own charity, Doctor & # 8217; s Collaborating to Help Children, which is already 10 years old.

Shriners has the highest rate of salvation of patients with burns in the world.

Boston doctors saved 90% of burned-out children. Shriners is 150 operating rooms, 8 hundred surgical interventions daily. And also – its own research center.

Chief plastic doctor Branko Boevich, who has already been to Ukraine 4 times with the mission of Boston doctors, said what impressed him the most and what distinguishes our medical systems.

According to him, in the first place, this is not about equipping hospitals, but about education.

& # 8220; The Ukrainian education system, if I understood correctly, is more uncertain. After graduating from university, the physician, if he wants to specialize in surgery, must himself look for the opportunity to gain this specific experience. In the United States, our programs are arranged in such a way that if you have already become a student, then this structure has already been determined: depending on which hospital you are in, for 5-6-7 years of study you must meet all the requirements of the hospital and have a large experience & # 8221 ;, – says Boevich.

In the United States, a doctor simply cannot stop learning. No matter how eminent he may be, he must constantly study, confirm his license and pass exams in theory and ability to communicate with a patient.

But if education, advanced technologies and the latest scientific developments are an expensive and exclusive thing, there is something what is easy to do everywhere: it is humanity.

Parents at Shriners are allowed to live right in the hospital, in special rooms, and to be with children, even during the most unpleasant procedures. Children need the presence of their parents, according to the clinic.

The most difficult period comes when the child begins to realize the irreversibility of the changes that have occurred to him. For such children, the most difficult test is often psychological.

Nikita also went through this path of perceiving a new self and is sure that he understood his life lesson.