A drunk pensioner on 17 times a day called the police and they sang the hits of Phil Collins

Пьяный пенсионер по 17 раз в день звонил полицейским и исполнял им хиты Фила Коллинза

A British pensioner was tortured by the police of the British County of Lincolnshire hits of the singer Phil Collins. The man rang them up to 17 times a day and sang famous songs of the singer Phil Collins.

Among the most favorite hits that 62-year-old Anthony Holmes starved employees of law enforcement agencies — Against All Odds (“Against all odds”). In General, the police was forced to listen to the hits of 36 times, according to tabloid the Sun.

When the patience of law enforcement was over, they came to the Holmes ‘ home and saw that the songster emptied liter bottle of vodka, leaving her three-quarters of the alcohol.

Holmes works at the fish plant. He recently broke up with a woman that spent a long time together. Out of loneliness, he wanted someone to talk to.

The elderly man was given a suspended sentence. He must pay £ 85 fine. The magistrate Gerald Hooton reminded Holmes that the police are pretty busy and can’t accept such calls.