A drunken passenger broke a window in the plane at height of 9 thousand meters

The window of the plane cracked at 30,000 feet (more than 9 thousand meters) after a drunken woman who “dumped her boyfriend” tried to break the glass in flight, writes The Daily Mail.

Пьяная пассажирка разбила окно в самолете на высоте 9 тысяч метров

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Aviapassazhirskie was detained in China after she allegedly tried to break the window in an airplane at 30,000 feet. According to police, 29-year-old woman drank two bottles of liquor due to emotional stress before boarding.

One window cracked, and the plane Airbus A320 had to make an emergency landing mid-flight.

According to police, on may 25, Lee went from Xining in Northwest China in the East China city of Yangcheng internal carrier Loong Air.

A woman drank two 250-ml bottles of Bai Jiu — varieties of Chinese grain wine before boarding the plane. Traditional Chinese drink usually has a volume of alcohol from 35% to 60%.

The crew was forced to make an emergency landing about halfway down on the five-hour journey after you suddenly “lost control of his emotions” and began to hit the window next to her chair.

In the picture published by police, shows the damaged window of the plane with lots of cracks on the surface.

The plane landed safely in Zhengzhou of Henan province. The police said that no one was hurt.

Lee was arrested for the failure of the public transport.

It remains unclear what type of punishment she faces, but according to Chinese law, such a crime can lead to imprisonment for a term of 3 to 10 years.

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