A factor that increases the risk of diabetes in women


Scientists have found a link between stress at work and increased risk of developing in women of type II diabetes. Conclusions on the results of years of observations made by the endocrinologists from France.

Фактор, увеличивающий риск диабета у женщин

In the framework of which lasted for 22 years of the study, researchers conducted surveillance of more than 70 thousands of women working in different conditions. At the beginning of the test about 24% of girls admitted that they regularly faced with stress in the workplace. Subsequently, more than 4.1 thousand participants have discovered the signs of diabetes.

Among the triggers the development of specified disease factors there is not only a stressful job. Increase the risk of disease is able sedentary lifestyle, the presence of obesity, high cholesterol or blood pressure. More likely to suffer from health problems for those who have a genetic predisposition, or in people older than 45 years.