A father of French origin is stuck in France

A father of French origin is stuck in France


A family's trip from Saguenay turned into a nightmare. The French-born father, established in the region for 12 years, is currently stuck in Paris due to a careless mistake.

His Canadian permanent residence card has expired, a costly mistake that plunged the couple into a bureaucratic whirlwind.

Lou Ridet has lived in Saguenay for 16 years with his wife and three children. The missing card is used to travel, but it must be renewed every 5 years. Something that had not been done before leaving for France.

“When I wanted to return to Quebec, they refused me access to the plane and I had no choice but to stay here and let my family go,” he explains.

“Nobody checked us, which would probably have allowed us either not to leave, or that we could do the steps before or made it there. Of course we also moved in the meantime, so probably we received the letter at our old house. In fact, that's what happened. I do not understand that by making all the changes of address to the government, that too, does not change automatically. Yes, it was an oversight on our part,” admits his wife, Valérie Corneau.

The family left the country on June 21. The card had already expired 2 days before they left.

“There's a girl who was in the line behind me waiting and saying, 'Madam, this happened to me too, then they let me through and my card was three weeks out. So, there, we had hope in fact, ”adds Ms. Corneau.

For 6 days, Mr. Ridet has been living with relatives in Paris, without salary. His employer, Resolute Forest Products, he says is understanding, but really needs all his employees, especially during the vacation period.

After doing all the steps the authorities suggested he take, Mr. Ridet wanted to know how long it would take to get an answer. An agent from the Canadian Embassy in France told him that the deadlines are currently uncertain and that we could talk about days, weeks or even months.

His children talk to him every day by videoconference. The three are very anxious to see their father again.

According to his press secretary, the Bloc Québécois MP for Jonquière, Mario Simard, is aware of the situation and ensures that a message will be sent to the Minister of 'Immigration to try to help the father of the family to find his family as soon as possible.