A few words about today’s climate rally in Toronto (PHOTO)

Несколько слов о сегодняшнем климатическом митинге в Торонто   (ФОТО)

City officials prepared for the fact that thousands of protesters will gather in downtown Toronto to participate in the rally on the issue of climate change.

On Friday, an hour before noon the event will begin at Queen’s Park with several meetings that will be held in Canada and in other countries.

On the event page in the network placed a call to the government “to treat the climate crisis as an emergency, which it is.”

“So can not continue,” wrote the organizers.

Press Secretary TTC Stuart green said, the transport Agency has made some adjustments to the usual scheme, in anticipation of a large crowd of people in the venue.

“We will keep in stock two additional trains on Lines 1 and 2 in case of increase in passenger traffic in the city centre, he said. – In addition, in the reserve we will have a bus in the event of delays in the subway”.

“On the surface will work with staff to ensure the movement of trams, if the crowd is a roadway”.

It is planned that the rally in Toronto will begin at 11 a.m. and at noon, held a procession.

The March will move East on Wellesley Street to Bay Street, then South on Bay Street to Queen Street, then West on Queen Street to University Avenue, then at 14:30 will return to Queen’s Park, where there will be concert and speech.

Greene said that public transport passengers were preparing for that on the Bay, College, Dundas and Queen during the routes can be difficult due to the ongoing event.

Greta Thunberg, a Swedish teenager, is the mastermind of this global protest. Earlier this week, 16-year-old activist has addressed critical remarks to world leaders at the UN summit on global climate action in new York.

Last year Thunberg started in Sweden, individual climate strikes, but since then tens of thousands of students around the world took part in strikes “Friday for the future.”

In response to the rally, the Minister for the environment, nature conservation and parks Ontario Jeff yurek said he was grateful to “all young people in Ontario who want their voices heard, expressing the serious problem of climate change”.

“I’m proud to say that Ontario is a leader in Canada in terms of combating climate change, he said. Over the last decade, we have achieved significant emission reductions, reducing their volume by 22 %”.

The city administration of Toronto announced last week that they will join 800 other local governments around the world in connection with the announcement of an emergency situation in the field of climate change.

Mayor John Tory said he will stand at the head of the movement aimed at “defining, shaping and deepening the intention of management Toronto” to protect the city’s population, its economy and the ecosystem from climate change.

“Climate change and global warming pose a serious risk to residents and businesses of our city,” said Tory on 20 September.

“This Declaration of emergency is the Union of cities around the world in the fight against climate change, determines the impact of climate change on our residents and businesses, and strengthens the intention of the authorities of Toronto to lead it into the future without carbon emissions”.