A first mission abroad for Bruno Marchand

A first mission abroad for Bruno Marchand< /p> UPDATE DAY

One year after his arrival at the head of the City of Quebec, Bruno Marchand will carry out, from November 11 to 19, his first mission abroad which will take him to Paris, Le Havre and Tunis.< /strong>  

The information, contained in a decision-making summary published late Thursday morning, was confirmed by the mayor later in a press briefing. 

< p>“The first destination was Tunis. Being vice-president of the International Association of Francophone Mayors (AIMF), an election that took place this summer, I said that I would be present at the meetings,” he explained. 

< p>However, the mayor's visit to Tunis will last barely thirty hours. Most of his meetings will take place in Paris and Le Havre, a French city with a tram. 

“We wanted to see partners in Paris to develop economic ties with several of them and go to Le Havre and go see (the mayor and former French prime minister) Édouard Philippe on mobility issues, in particular the tram,” added Mayor Marchand.   

According to him, “in mobility, we have a lot to learn. It is a challenge for Quebec. We don't have to reinvent the wheel. We found solutions that exist elsewhere (to) import them and adapt them here. There are good examples in Le Havre”. 

“Paying” for Quebec 

Even if it is not a an economic mission strictly speaking, Bruno Marchand judges that it is “paying” for the City of Quebec to participate in it himself.  

The theme of the port will be on the menu of meetings with his counterpart Édouard Philippe, in Le Havre. “Le Havre is a city that coexists with its port, an important port in Europe. Just like Quebec, he recalled. How do we maximize cohabitation, ensure respect for citizens, economic development, supply chains? There are a lot of things we can take inspiration from.” 

Due to a conflict of agendas, Bruno Marchand does not yet know whether the CEO of the Port of Quebec, Mario Girard, may or may not participate in the mission to Le Havre. “It would be so much the better if he can. But since we do it at the last minute, I would understand if his schedule does not allow it,” said the mayor.  

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