A first step in the right direction

A first step in the right direction


Swimmer Katerine Savard welcomes the creation of a committee to help female athletes who find themselves in a vulnerable position.

“It's a first step,” said the three-time Olympian and bronze medalist in the 4 X 200m freestyle relay in Rio. There are more women who are likely to experience such problems. We've heard a lot about women over the past few months, but all athletes need more support. A lot of women and a lot of athletes are going through mental issues and need help.”

“I don't think the wave of whistleblowing is over,” added Savard. If these releases in the media can make things happen, it will be a good deal. »

Independent firm

A firm collects currently providing information to swimmers, coaches and volunteers to ensure that the various Swimming Canada stakeholders operate in a healthy and safe environment.

“ An independent firm contacted me has seven to 10 days to know my reality, she confirmed. I had an interview, but I don't know if I'm among the first or the last. We don't know anything. It is positive that Swimming Canada is questioning itself. Everything is done anonymously. I wish this was done as a precaution and not because of recent incidents. ”