A football fan asked for beer money, and collected $ 1 million.

Фанат футбола просил денег на пиво, а собрал 1 млн долл.

Unique and, at the same time, a funny thing happened in American football.

24-year-old Carson king on 14 September visited the Derby match of the NCAA between the teams, “Iowa hawk eyes” and “Iowa state Cyclones”.

However, he came “not single”, and a poster on which was written: “My stock Busch Light in need of replenishment”. There’s also king pointed out details for payment of your account in the payment system Venmo.

Let’s add that this match was broadcast on TV.

The first translation was not long in coming, and the first 1 thousand dollars. an enterprising fan assembled pretty quickly. King announced that he would send them to a children’s hospital.

But “flow” could not be stopped.

Not remained aloof and “accomplices” of the action – the producer of beer Bush Beer, and payment system Venmo, which promised to Fund the hospital’s account by the same amount, which will gather myself a fan.

Фанат футбола просил денег на пиво, а собрал 1 млн долл.

Recently, the amount of collected funds exceeded $ 1 million.

However, king said that will leave only $ 15. on the beer, and the rest give to charity.