A former adviser to trump’s convicted of giving false testimony to Congress (PHOTOS)

Бывший советник Трампа признан виновным в даче ложных показаний Конгрессу (ФОТО)

A former political adviser to the President of the United States Donald trump, Roger stone on Friday convicted of making false statements to Congress in the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller about the alleged Russian interference in U.S. elections in 2016, reports “Interfax” with reference to the channel CBS.

“Roger stone has no choice, what are the facts, in his opinion, really important, and to lie about all the others,” said attorney Jonathan Kravis.

During the trial, the prosecution presented evidence that stone was trying to get information from the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange about the hacked emails that undermines the credibility of the ex-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In addition, he was convicted of intimidating a witness, forcing him not to cooperate with the investigation of Congress.

Roger denied the accusations. According to the channel, stone faces up to 50 years in prison.

The charges against stone were based on his testimony in September 2017 before the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives.

The President of the United States Donald trump accused the U.S. judicial system of being biased after the stone was convicted of making false statements to Congress and other offenses.

The President listed the names of those who, in his opinion, also lied to the authorities, including former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, ex-FBI Director James Comey, former Director of the CIA John Brennan, former Director of National intelligence James Clapper, former spectracolor Robert Mueller. The President wondered: “what about them?”.