A former bodyguard of Michael Jackson told me what happened with the star before his death

The bodyguard was silent for ten years.

The death of 50-year-old Jackson in 2009 has generated a lot of theories and rumors. Only after 10 years, a former bodyguard of the legend of pop music told about what happened with Michael before his death, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to ShowDream.

Бывший телохранитель Майкла Джексона рассказал, что происходило со звездой перед смертью

When in January 2019, the screens out a documentary film “Leaving Neverland”, the fans of Michael Jackson went on a rampage. No joke, their late idol was accused of sexual harassment. With the likes of Jackson faced during his lifetime, but was acquitted, so for a while a media storm subsided.

However, in the opinion of the person from the inner circle of Michael, it is those same charges in 2005 of molesting a 12-year-old Gavin of arvizo led to the tragic death of the singer.

In September, 2019 Matt Finds, a former bodyguard and confidant of Jackson openly told the publication the Daily Star Online about what a nightmare turned Michael’s life after a scandalous trial. “It was clear that even after the verdict, judge Michael can’t snap again become what you were before”, — lamented Fidds.

According to friend Mike, singer resembled “the walking dead”. He could neither eat nor sleep and lost a lot of weight. Moreover, the worst change in the Jackson Fidds called his developed paranoia. Because of delusions of persecution Michael couldn’t even trust best friends and constantly had to check their loyalty.

“He asked other people to call us his friends, to introduce reporters and offer millions of dollars for the details about his condition,” — told the bodyguard.

In the last months of his life fears the Jackson was at its Zenith. He was afraid of his own shadow and suspect all around that they can’t betray him. The king of pop, winner of 15 Grammy awards, was sure that the audience turned against him. When he found out that the tickets for his London concerts in 2009 were instantly sold out, Michael broke down in tears as a child.

World famous, long-term stay on the stage, exhausting touring — none of the difficult aspects of life of the pop star did Jackson cynical. He kept his childish innocence, even in adulthood. Feds admitted that it brought his famous friend anything good.

“Michael listened to all who surrounded him, and all the people whispered and whispered in his ear. He was naive and sometimes took advice from bad people”. The charges of the heroes of the scandalous documentary film “Leaving Neverland”, owner of a chain of martial arts schools called “garbage”. He noted that if Jackson is alive, the tape would never have gained its popularity.

Let us add that the picture is “Leaving Neverland” received the award “Emmy” in the nomination “best documentary”. The family of Michael Jackson and his friends insist that the charges are the heroes of the film insulted the memory of the pop musician.