A formidable prophecy related to the Three Sources. Will the world end as we know it

Prophecies of the end of the world related to the Three Sources.

 The awesome prophecy of the Three Origins. Will the World End As We Know It

& ldquo; Saverio Gaeta has written an interesting book called” The Seer. The secret of the three fountains & rdquo ;. The author was able to learn the contents of the diary written by Bruno Cornacchiol from 1947 to 2001, the year of his death. They were preserved in the society of the faithful he founded, revealing the content of the presented book.

A terrible prophecy of the end of the world as we know it

On April 12, 1947, Cornacchiola, at the site of the Three Fountains in Rome, where St. Paul is going through a martyr's death, she had a revelation of Our Lady containing some revelations.

They lasted (about sixty) throughout his life, and Bruno Cornacchiola himself wrote them down in his Journals. These are only personal revelations. Bruno Cornacchiola himself submitted them to the ecclesiastical institutions for approval, starting with Pius XII, who initiated their acceptance.

The first apparition (April 12, 1947) is handwritten in a notebook of about thirty pages.

These words are truly awesome

'Shepherds of the flock are not doing their duty. Too much of the world has entered their souls to stumble the flock and drag them off the path.

[& hellip;]. Before Russia turns back and abandons the path of atheism, horrific and ruthless torment will be unleashed. Please feel free to interrupt this.

[& hellip;]. Run away from the world's lying things, boastful shows, and printed obscenities.

[& hellip;]. Satan is set free for a time and will kindle a fire of rebellion among the people. Children, be strong, resist the attack from hell.

[& hellip;]. All the Bones will go through an ominous torment to purify the lust that poured out on his ministers.

[& hellip;]. Priests and faithful will be put at a dangerous turning point in the world of the Deathless, which they will attack by all means: false ideologies and theologies.

[& hellip;]. There will be days of b & oacute and mourning. A strong people from the east, but far from God, will launch a terrifying attack and break the most godly and most holy things.

[& hellip;]. The world will enter another war, the most ruthless of all; The Eternal Rock (Rome) will be touched exceedingly. Satan's wrath is no longer hidden and suppressed; God's Spirit leaves the earth, the bones will remain a widow; He will remain at the mercy of the world.

[& hellip;]. The bones of Christ, which will cleanse Him from the dirt that He has in it, will be most affected.