A French court found the death during sex in business trip accident at work (PHOTO)

A French court found the victim of an accident in the workplace the man who, while on a business trip, died during sex, reports BFMTV. In 2013, the construction company TSO has sent its inspectors of safety in the Loire. On the night of 21 February, he was in bed with an unknown woman and died of a heart attack.

Fund primary health insurance has classified the incident as an accident at work, noting that sex – as much a part of daily life, like eating or taking a shower. The firm was not agree with this, appealing that the death of the man came not in the process of performance and not in the hotel room, which is reserved for the employee of the company.

The court of appeals, however, ruled that because at the moment of death the man was on a business trip, no matter under what circumstances he met his death while performing his professional duties or in the course of everyday Affairs. In addition, the company did not provide evidence that the employee had interrupted a business trip for personal reasons.