A funny video with guarding the house parrot has become a hit network

Курьезное видео с охраняющим дом попугаем стало хитом сети

Parrot bravely defended the house from a potential robber. The bird rushed to the defense of the home along with the dogs. In a network there was video from a resident of South Africa, which is seen as a passerby parrot barking along with the dogs.

The bird and the dog rushed to the gate, when passed a passerby. Dogs started barking, and then they were joined by a bird. She skillfully imitated the barking of a dog and participated in the defense, looking for the gate.

The owner of the birds told me that parrot was raised in the company of dogs. He is now 19 years old and he barks and chirps. The owner of the birds suggested that pet can replace dog and drive away the robber skilful copying.