A future without cigarettes, green energy and gender equality — report PMI

Будущее без сигарет, «зеленая» энергия и гендерное равенство — отчет PMI

Photo: press SLUZHBA Philip Morris

Philip Morris International published its first integrated report for the year 2019

First report of Philip Morris for 2019 declares complete abandonment of the traditional cigarettes, gender equality within the company, as well as a 100% alternative energy in production.

Philip Morris International published its first integrated report for the year 2019 with a comprehensive overview of the current production efficiency, as well as plans in the field of environmental protection, social responsibility and governance policies. In particular, the report declared complete abandonment of the traditional cigarettes, and 100% transition to alternative energy sources in production.

The report stated that since the announcement of the concept of “a world without tobacco smoke” in 2016 PMI is excluded from the range of more than 600 pieces of cigarettes around the world and expanded the portfolio of units for heating tobacco to more than 400 items.

“All of us at PMI understand that the best solution that our company can offer society, is to replace cigarettes with less harmful alternatives. This is the basis of our corporate strategy and our priorities for sustainable development,” quoting the authors of the report of General Director of PMI, andré Calantzopoulos.

So, in 2019, the company’s spending on innovation and research in the field of products, excluding the products of combustion, amounted to $465 million Of them 98% of the funds were directed to research of smokeless products.

The company predicts that with proper government support and stimulation of society, in many countries the sale of cigarettes may be terminated in 10-15 years.

In addition, the report also contains data on the reduction of the negative impact of production on the environment.

“Now 72% of the electricity used by the plants derived from renewable sources. Plans by 2025 to achieve 100% use of renewable energy sources and reduce the production of plastic waste by 50%”, — stated in the text.

In performance management policy (ESG principles) particular attention is paid to gender distribution. Thus, the percentage of senior management posts occupied by women is 36.1%.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Philip Morris has invested $7.2 billion to abandon the production of cigarettes.

According to who estimates, today the number of smokers in the world approaching 1 billion the Number of smokers in Ukraine at Philip Morris estimated at 7.2 million people. According to representatives of Philip Morris, the company’s mission is to fully replace cigarette products and reduced risk.

Philip Morris International — one of the largest world manufacturers of tobacco products. Cigarette produces more than 50 factories and sells them in over 180 countries. In Ukraine the company manufactures products at a factory in Kharkiv region.

In 2016 Ukraine became the seventh market in which Philip Morris has launched IQOS.