A gang of crooks arrested, he ran a fake police station

Gang of crooks arrested, he was running a fake police station


A gang of crooks in India, who for eight months had been running a fake police station 500 meters from the home of the city police chief, have been busted and arrested on suspicion of extortion, said a police officer Thursday. 

 At least six members of the gang, including two women, were arrested when a real cop spotted two uniformed men on Wednesday whose homemade pistols aroused his suspicions.

“The investigation is underway in this case. More information will be revealed,” police officer DC Srivastava told AFP.

According to DC Srivastava, the leader of the gang is on the run, but everything is being done for him. find and arrest him.

The bogus police station had been operating for eight months. He was established in a guest house, located about 500 meters from the residence of the Municipal Police Chief in the town of Banka, in the state of Bihar.

The imposters employed men and women from this rural area, for about five hundred rupees (6.20 euros) a day, constituting the staff of the police station while they, the “officers”, wore uniforms with insignia of officers.

Many locals, believing they are dealing with a real police station, have likely been victims of extortion when they come to lodge a complaint or ask for help.

Incidents where crooks or gangs posing as government agents, including police and military officers, are common in India.

General fear of authorities in charge of enforce the law is such that we rarely allow ourselves to question their identity.

On the other hand, that a police station is created from scratch is much more exceptional.