A gastroenterologist said, is it harmful to drink coffee in the morning

To drink coffee in the morning good only for people with low blood pressure. The rest of the toning is better to eat foods, energizing. This was told by the doctor-gastroenterologist Maria Badalian.

Врач-гастроэнтеролог рассказала, вредно ли пить кофе по утрам

Doctor-gastroenterologist Mary Badalyan informed that the habit of drinking coffee in the morning can be very harmful to health. The most harmful and dangerous, according to him, drinking coffee on an empty stomach and soluble.

The doctor said that drinking a Cup of coffee in the morning before eating, can afford only people with strong and very healthy gallbladder. If there are cholelithiasis, cholecystitis or biliary sludge (sludge in the gallbladder formed when bile stasis), to drink coffee on an empty stomach in any case impossible.

“Every morning we have to run the gall bladder, and this can help not coffee, and bananas, muesli or porridge,” stated gastroenterologist.

Most people in the morning, turn to coffee like drink that helps to finally Wake up and cheer up. Mary Badalyan said that the way to tune in to the active day is not suitable for hypertensive patients. According to her, if a person with high blood pressure begins his morning with a Cup of coffee, in the end, this habit can lead to a heart attack or stroke. At the same time, added the doctor, to determine hypertension without special equipment almost impossible, and people often do not know they have it.

People with low blood pressure to drink coffee in the morning is not dangerous and even useful, as the drink they are able to increase, he concluded.