A good omen for the weather

A good omen for the weather


Good news for festival-goers: the weather is looking very favorable for the return of the Summer Festival, although we will have to keep an eye on the forecast at the beginning of next week.

“It's a good scenario, at least in the short term. In the short term, this is only good news,” says Jean-Philippe Bégin, meteorologist at Environment Canada.

Not too hot, not too cold, not too wet… The weather is getting warmer. ideal announcement for the first days of the event.

Be aware, however, that the evenings and nights could be quite cool.

“The temperatures are going to be close to seasonal normals for the whole period [of the festival], maybe a little below or a little above,” summarizes Mr. Bégin.

The latter are 25 °C during the day and 14 °C at night, at this time of year.

Thunderstorms, the fear of all festival-goers, should generally be held away from Quebec by the end of the weekend. On the sunny side, it will be “variable to cloudy, with sunny spells”.

“Until Sunday, in fact, the only rain event that we are monitoring is overnight from Thursday to Friday”, indicates the meteorologist.

To watch

On the other hand, it will be necessary to pay attention to the forecasts for the return of the first weekend of the festival.

“ We could have risks of showers and risk of thunderstorms a little more present at the beginning of next week. We're going to have to clarify everything,” explains Jean-Philippe Bégin.

“It's certainly not going to rain non-stop, that's guaranteed, but let's say that it's going to be more to watch, the beginning of next week,” he said.

Mercury rising

The trend will then be for warmer temperatures as we approach the second weekend.

“So those who prefer the heat more, it might be a little milder towards the end of next week. ”

For the big kickoff today, a clearing is expected during the day. The mercury will reach 22 °C and then drop to 8 °C overnight.