A good reason to vote

A good reason to vote


Today is the time to vote. Tonight, we will find out which party will officially take power in Quebec for the years to come.

Besides, have you already voted today? Did you do it in anticipation?

During the 2018 provincial elections, only 53.41% of young people under the age of 35 went to vote according to Élections Québec. People aged 35 and over were almost 70% to vote.

Is this gap caused by young people's lack of interest in politics? By a lack of education about this in our schools?

It is concerning that there is such a big difference between the participation rate of young people and that of others.

< p>What if we changed the statistics this year?

To you, young adult who reads this column and who could not find a reason to go to the polls today, I encourage you to do so , just out of respect.

Please go vote

Out of respect for our ancestors who fought to have their voices heard .

Out of respect for Quebec women, our grandmothers, our great-grandmothers who defied the established order to finally obtain, in 1940, the right to vote like men.

Out of respect for all those people who live in countries where the right to vote is abused.

Out of respect for our beautiful province in which it is good to live thanks to our democratic political system.

If you don't see the point of going to vote, perhaps you should put yourself in the shoes of those who fought for this right and in the shoes of citizens who live in totalitarian regimes, and who cannot voice their opinion.

Who knows, by going to vote today, you might write history… 

And later in your life, you will be surely proud to tell this to the young people around you.

A good reason to ;go vote