A group of “AGON” presented a video for the incendiary song “the Bomb”

A group of “AGON” presented video for the song “Bomb”. Premiered on YouTube channel artists.

Группа «Агонь» представила клип на зажигательную песню «Бомба»

In the new compositions the musicians joined Russian actress Irina Gorbacheva. For an artist this is the second series for six months as the lead heroine clips “AGON” and debut as a solo singer.

“The shooting of the new clip were a real challenge for us. It is truly spontaneous project. We had an interesting dance track that really liked Irina, and she expressed a desire to sing with us. When we heard the tape, we realized that such a chance should not be missed. And literally in 3 days has organized the entire shooting process. Only 3 days left to work through the script, finding locations and costumes. It was a real challenge. Sometimes it is in the status of the external resistance and are born the most spectacular works,” commented the band.