A Guilty Marc Lépine Fan

A Guilty Marc Lépine Worshiper


An anti-feminist blogger who revered Marc Lépine failed to convince a judge that his violent writings were just jokes and was found guilty of fomenting hatred against women.

“Jean-Claude Rochefort glorifies Marc Lépine, who murdered 14 women. Moreover, he trivializes the Polytechnique tragedy and insults the 14 victims. Some of its readers are incels, or [according to him] “frustrated young men under the age of 25 who have trouble with girls,” lamented Judge Pierre Labrie, before declaring the septuagenarian guilty all along the line.

< p>Rochefort, a 73-year-old Montrealer, now faces up to two years in prison for his violent writings dating back to the fall of 2019. At that time, commemorations of the sad killing of December 6, 1989, when a shooter had killed 14 women in a classroom at Polytechnique in Montreal.

But for Rochefort, this tragedy was rather an opportunity to celebrate the assassin. So, starting in September 2019, he started posting anti-feminist blog entries. He had been contacted by groups of incels on the internet, promising them to publish 66 texts in as many days.

And the violence of his writings, drawings and montages, went in crescendo.

“He associates women and feminists with savages,” the judge said. The target group is presented as the source of current problems in society. He is presented as […] a threat to men […], diabolical […], at the head of a plot and as the enemy. »

A guilty Marc Lépine worshiper

Jean-Claude Rochefort

Professors targeted

Worse still, Rochefort's writings suggested that “the profession of feminist killer” must exist.

“Texts are translated into English, added the magistrate. Mr. Rochefort took the time to edit images. He wanted to reach as many readers as possible. »

Some texts also personally targeted UQAM professors, including one who teaches feminist studies and sociology, and who at the time was responsible for organizing the Polytechnique commemorations at her university.

< p>Complaints were filed with the police and, the day before December 6, 2019, Rochefort was arrested.

During his trial at the Montreal courthouse, the septuagenarian however defended himself from fomenting hatred. Saying he was targeting feminists and not women, he explained that he acted because he was “tired” of the commemorations surrounding the Polytechnique massacre.

“Tintin” defense< /p>

He also said he was “shocked” by the new laws concerning women's rights and which he said were “excesses of radical feminists”.

But at the same time, Rochefort had tried to convince the judge of the Superior Court that he had no malicious intent. His words, he said, were not to be taken seriously, but rather be seen as “satire and derision”. 

“He cites the example of Hergé who, according to him, created funny and ridiculous characters, said the magistrate. According to Mr. Rochefort, the adventures of Tintin are satire. He filed in evidence two albums [of the famous comic book character] to illustrate his point. However, the pitfalls in Rochefort's testimony were not enough to get him acquitted. Because after an exhaustive analysis, the judge concluded that the accused had indeed deliberately fomented hatred against an identifiable group, namely women.

“Hate propaganda must be penalized” , commented Me Roxane Laporte of the Crown, just after the verdict.

Rochefort, looking sheepish, did not wish to comment on the decision. His lawyer, Me Rodolphe Bourgeois, did the same.

The pleadings on the sentence should be held in October.

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