A gynecologist would have made sexual remarks to a patient again

A gynecologist allegedly made sexual remarks to a patient again


A Montreal gynecologist who has already been expelled for two years for remarks with a sexual connotation is said to have reoffended with a patient in the delivery room. His professional order is so worried that we want to prevent him from practicing urgently.

Rarely, the trustee of the College of Physicians of Quebec (CMQ) filed a motion yesterday demanding the immediate provisional striking off of Dr. Allan B. Climan, until a final decision is rendered in this new file against him.

He is accused of having made sexual remarks to a patient after a gynecological examination in a delivery room at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal on April 22.&nbsp ;

According to the syndic's complaint, Dr. Climan did not inform his patient that he was going to perform a vaginal examination. 

“He took longer than normally required” and “had his eyes on the patient's genitals,” it read. 

As he removed his fingers and gloves , the doctor would have concluded his examination by saying in English: “Thank you for the good time” (Thank you for the good time).

Risk for the public< /strong>

The syndic also criticizes Dr. Climan for having performed a gynecological examination on a patient in labor on April 22 at the hospital, without him being accompanied by another woman in the room, as provided for in his limitation. of practice for a year.

“Clearly, the Respondent currently and in the future represents a risk for the protection of the public”, underlines the syndic, Dr. Nicolas Raymond, adding that Dr. Climan “repeats the same behaviors”. 

Absent from the hearing yesterday, Dr. Climan is contesting the motion to strike out, said his lawyer, Me Christine Kark. However, the doctor has undertaken not to practice as of today, pending the decision of the Disciplinary Board. 

Yesterday, Me Kark asked that this commitment not be revealed in the media, a request that she finally withdrew after the trustee contested. 

Lenient removal 

Dr. not to his first complaint for sexual remarks. In 2019, the gynecologist was struck off two years after various comments made in 2015 (see below). 

However, since 2017, the law provides for a minimum disbarment of five years for sexual misconduct, but the Council had invoked its collaboration during the investigation and its mentoring with a doctor who advised him on communicating with patients.

On his return to practice last year, Dr. Climan admitted to the Council that his remarks were “totally inappropriate”, but also that this “file is only a simple matter of misinterpretation”, indicates a judgment . 

“Realizing that not everyone has the same sense of humor, he accepts that he must be more silent, that he can no longer play pranks and that he must not speak to his patients as he speaks to his residents,” reads. 

Three other complaints 

This gynecologist has been the subject of at least three other complaints for similar facts, since 2006. However, the syndic did not see fit to file an accusation in these files. 

In 2010, the CMQ even recommended that Dr. Climan register for a workshop on the doctor/patient relationship.  

♦ The hearing on the motion for provisional striking off will continue next Monday. Several witnesses will be heard.

Dr. Allan B. Climan's sexual remarks to a pregnant patient that led to his disbarment in 2019

  • “I can't wait to see you naked” 
  • “You have a nice little body” 
  • “I have can't wait to check you out” 
  • “I'm sure you have a nice little vagina” 
  • < li dir="auto">The doctor told the patient that “her sex life would not be the same after a vaginal delivery”. 

    < li dir="auto">He then said to the spouse, “It won't be as good for you anymore.” »

♦ Editor's note: these remarks were made in English 

Source: taken from the judgment of a 2-year radiation from the College of Physicians, 2019

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