A harbinger of any dangerous disease can be snoring

Many experts believe snoring alarm, said the doctor sleep Irina Tsareva. According to her, this is a real pathology, which people may even die.

Предвестником каких опасных болезней может быть храп

Snoring is conventionally divided into life-threatening and benign. The second option prevents others makes it impossible to sleep and get pleasure from your sleep. But the first case is to talk more, — said the expert.

According to one study, 40 percent of couples regularly don’t get enough sleep because of snoring partner (the partner), and 25 percent prefer a separate bed and room.

— According to statistics, in our country every year from heart attacks kills more than 100 thousand people, and from a stroke — more than 50 thousand. And among them three times more Khrapunov than people who do not have this problem. In addition, revealed a curious pattern: snorers ten times more frequently than others get in an accident, — said Tsarev.

Very often, snoring is enhanced in those who use alcohol and tobacco.

In 25% of cases of snoring helps lower and stiffer pillow and rinse nasopharynx with sea water before bed. In addition to the weakness of the soft palate, the cause of the disease can be a deviated septum.

If you have started to snore on his side and not on the back, you should consider: is it just snoring or something more dangerous, for example, apnea — stop breathing during sleep.