A huge bear made himself relax in the swimming pool of a resident of the district of Columbia

In the United States is now very high temperature, and the heat noticed even animals. In Fort valley (DC) a black bear climbed into the pool to cool off. This writes the NYDailyNews.

Огромный медведь устроил себе релакс в бассейне жительницы округа Колумбия

Photo: Shutterstock

In a video posted to Facebook shows a black bear trying to go comfortable and cool. He climbed into the kiddie pool with water and cannot sleep normally, as it takes almost all the space.

Regina Keller, who filmed the video, said that years shoots photos and videos with bears and several other species of animals as the property is very close to a remote National forest George Washington in Fort valley, about 100 miles (160 km) West of Washington (DC).

She said she watered his plants when bear, the largest of those whom she saw for the entire year, came and climbed into the pool.

“He wandered around the back yard and approached the pool and dipped her paw in the water and then climbed fully into the pool and lay down,’ said Keller. He looked so happy.”

According to Fox 23, the temperature in Fort valley reached 97 degrees Fahrenheit (36 Celsius) when the animal came to bathe.

She said that the bear was Napping and splashing in the pool for about an hour then her grandchildren came back from walking the dogs, the bear got scared and ran away.