A judge who lacks judgment

A judge who lacks judgment


Abuser Simon Houle reportedly had a second victim just days after being granted a conditional discharge by newly appointed judge Matthieu Poliquin, according to new allegations.

A fine consequence of a weak judgment making the culprit look like a victim.

The accused before the victim

Appointed judge last fall, Matthieu Poliquin previously worked as a legal aid lawyer. By default, his job was to defend defendants, not victims.

Could his background explain his lax outlook on the Houle abuser case? I really wonder.

According to Judge Poliquin, the incident was short-lived and the accused could suffer serious professional consequences if he did not receive a discharge.< /p>

Poor 'tit pit.

However, the judgment is eloquent:

“The consequences of the crimes on the victim are significant. »

“Sadness, disappointment, anger, frustration, shame, embarrassment, fear of meeting the accused, hypervigilance, loss of self-confidence, difficulty trusting others, isolation, insomnia, nightmares, feeling of guilt and injustice.

“His consumption of alcohol and drugs has increased. Dark thoughts led to his hospitalization in psychiatry for seven days. She also consulted several psychologists.

“Intimacy with her partner was affected for several months. »

“Several absences from school led to failures and delayed the end of his university career by one semester.

“She was off work for five months, resulting in financial hardship for more than two years.

“Despite the absence of physical injuries to speak of, the extent of his psychological injuries indirectly caused him physical pain.

“The length of the legal process caused him disappointment and stress. »


Didn't that deserve a severe and dissuasive sentence?

Ah, but the accused is an asset for the society. Let's give him a break, he's a good guy, we shouldn't stop him from traveling!

Tell that to the victim he would have made on a trip , Mr. Judge.

A judge who lacks judgment< /p>