A Kurdish intelligence officer that issued US the location of al-Baghdadi, will receive $ 25 million (PHOTO)

Курдский разведчик, выдавший США местоположение аль-Багдади, получит 25 млн долларов (ФОТО)

To find out the whereabouts of the leader of the “Islamic state”* Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and carry out the operation on its liquidation was possible thanks to the informer from his entourage, which US intelligence agencies are going to pay a huge sum of money.

According to The Washington Post, we are talking about one of the most active participants of the IG* who coordinated the movement Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Syria and helped to build his hideout in the village of Barish (Idlib province, Northwest Syria).

According to the newspaper the informant had provided us intelligence data on where it was hiding terrorist, but the plan of the rooms in his hideout.

At the time of the RAID, this man was in the same house. Two days after the assassination of the leader of the IG* he was taken from Syria together with the whole family.

As notes the edition, now the informant can count on the $25 million that was promised for the head of al-Baghdadi. However, according to the newspaper, he acted not only for money but out of revenge – supposedly one of his close relatives became a victim of the militants*.

WP does not mention citizenship or nationality of this American informant, noting only that he had contact with the Kurds from the “Syrian democratic forces” (SDS).

Earlier, broadcaster NBC reported, citing the commander of SDS Mazlum Abdi (“Chobani”), that the intelligence service of the armed coalition of SDS implemented in the environment of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Kurdish agent who revealed to the Americans the exact plan of the sanctuary of terrorist, and gave him a blood sample.

According to Abdi, the agent eventually was among the advisers to al-Baghdadi. He later gave the coalition a detailed plan for the refuge, underground tunnels and the number of guards the leader of the group. A Kurdish intelligence has already conveyed all this to the American command. Scout was in the shelter during operation to eliminate al-Baghdadi and went along with the US military.

The agent is one month and three months ago gave Americans the evidence that he is in the inner circle, the head of the IG*. Such evidence became a blood sample al-Baghdadi and his underwear.

In total, said Abdi, a Kurdish intelligence about five months he collaborated with American colleagues, watching the movements of al-Baghdadi.

*”Islamic state” (ISIS) is a banned terrorist organization