A local restaurant donated 300 pieces of pizza for the homeless (PHOTOS)

Местный ресторан пожертвовал 300 кусков пиццы бездомным (ФОТО)

Toronto began the real winter, the temperature on the streets feels like -15C, and promise her fall to-20C. So, the most vulnerable part of the population is under threat.

Because of the cold weather, yesterday the city’s Metro Hall was opened the point of heating, where about 50 beds for homeless people.

And the first night of the opening of the local pizzeria, Dino’s Pizza has donated 300 pieces of warm pizza rest for the night.

The zeynel Ari, the owner of the pizzeria, was invited, through the publication on Twitter fired don cherry to deliver this pizza to the homeless together. At the end of the tweet he added that he is an immigrant from Turkey.

This pizzeria is not the first time donating food to the homeless. In the past, they delivered slices of pizza in organizations and activities that support the homeless in the city.

Just last week they also delivered 300 pieces of pizza for the event at the Peter Street Referral Centre, which was held in memory of people who died while being homeless in Toronto.

In addition to the existing 24-hour accommodation with 414 seats, the city opens six new items, adding 485 seats. A total of 899 will be available under the plan for the winter points on the bed 2019-2020