A magical holiday train will appear in Toronto this week (PHOTO)

Волшебный праздничный поезд появится в Торонто на этой неделе (ФОТО)

The time has finally come: this week the famous holiday train CP Rail will arrive in Toronto.

Every winter, before heading out to travel around Canada and the USA, trains decorate a myriad of colorful garlands and ornaments to give everyone a festive mood, and incidentally also to collect donations for a good cause.

25 Nov 2 locomotive leaving Montreal and making more than 100 stops in both day and night they go round the continent, only one through Canada, the other in the United States and Canada.

The first train will end its trip in Port Coquitlam (Port Coquitlam), British Columbia (near Vancouver) on 17 December and the other in Glicine (Gleichen), AB (near calgary), 18 Dec. During their stops, you can expect various musical performances and other entertainment.

The program, which is held for the 21st time, including those aimed at increasing public awareness about the issue of hunger in North America for 2 decades helped to collect a total of 15.8 million dollars and millions of pounds of food to help the poor.

CP donates a certain amount to that settlement, where the train stops, and encourages those who come to see the train and performances, to do the same and donate to your local food Bank.

The canadian train will arrive in Toronto on 28 November at 20:15 and 45 minutes stops in front of the depot CP Lambton Yard, 750 Runnymede Road. You will hear songs performed by Madeline Merlo and Scott Helman.

Those who are waiting for this train all year, can breathe a sigh of relief because the holiday train CP Rail will not affect passing at the moment, the strike of trade Union of workers of railroads CN Rail.