A major producer of whiskey goes to paper packaging

Крупный производитель виски переходит на бумажную тару

Photo: CNBC

The new bottle is fully recyclable

Thus alcohol giant has decided to show the world you care about the environment.

The company poproizvodstvu Scotch blended whisky brand Johnny Walker from 2021 to bottle their products ecologicheski clean bottle stellulata reminiscent of packaging for household chemicals. About this сообщаетCNBC.

So, according to representatives of the British company, bottles of the popular whiskey will be produced on cellulose “of izdrevaya, entirely environmentally friendly way.”

“Bottle isdrawing fibers to meet the standards of the food industry ibadat fully recyclable”, the company said.

It is reported that the key difference of the new paper bottles from the usual glass is their opacity. Asami bottles are more like containers for household chemicals.

“This goes against polzovatelyami habits, but we make a step toward ecologically,” said the company.

Sohranili concern the release of Johnny Walker privychnyh glass bottles and if Yes, tohow long the company resoursat.

Previously the American company Microsoft said it plans to spend a billion dollars to clean the atmosphere from carbon.