A Malaysian national who was executed in Singapore for attempting to import 16 grams of drugs (PHOTO)

Гражданин Малайзии казнен в Сингапуре за попытку ввоза 16 граммов наркотиков (ФОТО)

In Singapore, the execution of a death sentence handed down to Malaysian citizen for drug smuggling. Man is judged after he seized 16.56 grams of heroin.

36-year-old Helmy Abd Abd Halim executed by hanging on Friday in the main prison, Changi, writes The Star.

The foreigner was arrested at the border, land border crossing, in March 2017. The last appeal for clemency was rejected by Singapore’s court of justice in July of this year. This week Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Malaysia on issues of law Lee Woo Kiong sent to the Singapore authorities a note with a request to reconsider this decision, but the appeal remained unanswered. Pardon Halima unsuccessfully asked the Minister of justice of Malaysia.

Drug trafficking is one of the most serious crimes in Singapore, notes TASS. According to the local law, punishment is threatened for storage, transport 15 grams of heroin or 30 grams of cocaine. In 2017, according to the national Directorate of penitentiary institutions, was executed 8 sentences, which was the highest figure for the last ten years. All crimes were related to drug trafficking. As stated in the report of the NGO Amnesty International, last year in the city-state was executed 13 people.

According to human rights activists, executions in Singapore not help in the fight against drug trafficking. This is obvious because harsh punishment, you get the usual drug traffickers, often going to crime because of financial need, and not the organizers of drug trafficking.