A man from Florida was arrested for trying to feed the alligator beer

A man from Florida was arrested for trying to feed the alligator. It druso caught the reptile, and the man tried to drink his beer. This writes the New York Post.

Мужчину из Флориды арестовали за попытку напоить аллигатора пивом

Photo: Depositphotos

27-year-old Timothy the Cap of the O-Sound (FL) presumably drunk alligator beer. According to a report by the Florida Commission for the protection of fish and wildlife reptile also bit the man.

For a few minutes before the incident Cap told police that 22-year-old Noah Osborn caught the alligator with his bare hands.

Cap told the police that he drank some beer that day, but during the incident, a drunk was not.

According to men, they, along with other alligator drink a beer, after got it all on video and then released it back into the water.

Police got this video, although the source has not been named, was arrested and after the Cap.

The woman who was that day with men, corroborated the testimony of the Hat to the police.

The cap and Osborne was arrested on 3 October and accused of illegal fishing for alligator.