A man from Maryland may be the first person successfully vaccinated against COVID-19

A man from Maryland thinks he might be one of the first who are successfully vaccinated against COVID-19 after participating in the trial, and reported on promising early results in the development of a vaccine that stimulates the production of antibodies. This writes Fox News.

Мужчина из Мэриленда может быть первым человеком, успешно вакцинированным от COVID-19

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David Rach, a graduate student studying immunology, was the first person who injected the study at the University of Maryland in may, when the American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and the German company BioNTech worked together on a vaccine.

Currently, early studies show that the vaccine works by stimulating the production of antibodies at a rate equal to or greater than those who suffered the disease.

“I feel relieved when I see that in fact, it produces results that the vaccine stimulates the production of antibodies,” said Rach.

Rach I’m not sure whether he was given the real vaccine or saline placebo, but after a slight reaction after the second dose he is convinced that is one of the few people in the world, vaccinated against COVID-19.

It needs to be tested in October to determine whether he has immunity against the virus.

If the test is successful, Pfizer said that before the end of the year will produce 100 million doses and more than one billion doses the following year.



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