A man in Florida got into a fight with an employee of Walmart due to the failure to wear a mask

Aggressive buyer broke into the Walmart in Orlando, Florida, after he was not allowed to enter due to the failure to wear a face mask, writes the New York Post. The incident was on video, which became viral online.

Во Флориде мужчина подрался с сотрудником Walmart из-за отказа надеть маску

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The clip, viewed more than 4 million times, shows how the white-haired man fighting with an employee at the supermarket. It happened on Saturday, June 20 — the same day in the district became mandatory face masks.

With outstretched arms the employee is trying to give the visitor without masks to enter the supermarket.

“You have to wear a mask!” — said an employee behind the scenes.

The buyer then pushes the employee of Walmart, even falling to the floor at some point.

Then he again gets up and struggles to break into the store while the employee was still trying not to let him up there.

“You need a mask? — heard behind the scenes. — I have!”

The buyer ignores the offer and sneaks his way to the aisle.

“Give a man a job to do — scream behind the scenes. Take your mask!”

In the end, the man angrily agrees to leave. The employee said that he “spat all around”.

In Florida there has been a surge of cases of coronavirus infection, that even prompted the Governor of new York Andrew Cuomo to consider the introduction of a two-week quarantine for people coming from this state.



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