A man in Florida stabbed 5 of his colleagues after an argument in the workplace (PHOTOS)

Во Флориде мужчина ранил ножом 5 сослуживцев после ссоры на рабочем месте (ФОТО)

US police arrested in Tallahassee (capital of Florida) the man who made a stabbing after a conflict in the workplace. In the end, five people were hospitalized with wounds of varying severity, reports CNN.

Criminal punishment for a 41-year-old Anvanda brown, who works in the company Dyke Industries. She is a major manufacturer of exterior and interior finishes and doors.

The hands of the attacker, armed with a folding knife, injuring five of his colleagues (first reported six wounded). One hospitalized in serious condition, two in moderate condition. Two others received minor injuries.

Dyke Industries manufactures doors, and is “the largest U.S. online retailer of interior and exterior wood, steel and plastic,” according to the company website.

The reasons for the attack are not installed, says the police chief of Tallahassee Steve outlaw.

Brown has worked at Dyke Industries 3.5 months. On Wednesday morning he had a conflict at work, then the man and grabbed the knife, said outlaw.