A man sexually assaults his girlfriend who was very drunk

Man sexually assaults his friend who was very drunk


A Lévis man was found guilty of performing cunnilingus on a drunk friend during a drunken evening.

Having a “crush” for his friend, Kevin Garon was very happy to have an invitation from the latter to participate in an evening whose objective was to play board games for four. 

The host of the evening, however, had quickly gone to bed after drinking too much and smoking cannabis.

While the two other guests had gone out to do an errand, Kevin Garon had taken the opportunity to kiss the victim and give him cunnilingus. 

When they returned, the two guests had surprised the accused with the drunken victim, who was “soft” and “had no consistency”.&nbsp ;

The defendant had made a confession after the evening of January 10, 2020, but in court he testified that he responded to the advances of the victim who kissed him and undressed. 

His cross-examination had been difficult, however, the judge noted.

Text message

In the end, however, the judge fell back on a text message sent by the accused to establish “the truth in this sad affair”. Kevin Garon wrote “seriously I blame myself”, when one of the people present asked him why he had touched the victim without his consent. 

The accused had added, for explain, “when I saw that she wasn't receptive, I stopped”. This confession convinced Judge Sébastien Proulx of the sexual assault and found the 35-year-old man guilty. 

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