A man with a knife attacked visitors to the shopping centre in Hong Kong (PHOTOS)

A man with a knife on Sunday evening attacked a group of people in a shopping Mall in Hong Kong. As reports TASS with reference to the radio station RTHK, the attack wounded five people.

The incident occurred in a large shopping complex Citiplaza in the area of Tihocan where this day took place anti-government protests. According to eyewitnesses, the attacker with the knife who spoke Mandarin (the dialect of mainland China), started the conflict on the basis of political differences.

Inflicting wounds to multiple people, it also caused injury to the local Deputy of district Council from the opposition Democratic party, Andrew chew, bite his ear when he tried to grab and stop the criminal. The attacker was then beaten by a crowd of demonstrators.

It is reported that some time after the incident, the police officers had used in the district to disperse the rioters with tear gas. Was made a number of arrests.

Since the beginning of summer in Hong Kong held mass protests against the authorities ‘ attempts to approve the bill on extradition, which allows to give offenders mainland China. Opponents of the bill believe that it will undermine the judicial independence of Hong Kong and allow the Central government to deal with the opposition parties.

The Hong Kong authorities announced the indefinite suspension of consideration of these amendments. But opponents of the bill remained dissatisfied with this and demanded to completely abandon the bill. And protests, accompanied by violence and clashes with police continued.