A Montrealer guilty of having impregnated his daughter

Montreal man guilty of getting his daughter pregnant


A Montrealer who impregnated his own intellectually disabled daughter has just been convicted on all counts, despite his denials and his attempt to blame one of his children. 

“The theory that one of the sons of the defendant is the father [of the child] is implausible, it is pure speculation. It was the accused who made [his daughter] pregnant during sexual intercourse,” judge André Perreault ruled on Monday at the Montreal courthouse.

The 52-year-old accused , who cannot be named to protect the identity of the victim, committed his crime in 2015, when his struggling 20-year-old daughter moved in with him.

“The relationship was friendly, she considered him a friend,” explained the magistrate.

However, during this year of living together, the unworthy father did not hesitate to take advantage of his daughter. According to her, sexual intercourse was weekly and sometimes forced.

“She felt obliged,” explained the judge.

According to the victim, the father made several threats to her, for example by mentioning that he was going to “kill her and throw her in the trash”, or by assuring that he was going to “have her raped by guys”.

DNA evidence

The young woman finally became pregnant. She aborted, but the doctors took samples from the fetus which made it possible to determine that the parent was the victim's own father.

At trial, the accused tried to get out of it attacking the definition of incest. Then he swore that it was his daughter who had “initiated” the acts, only to say that there had never been a full relationship.

At one point, he even tried to raise doubt about the DNA test, claiming that it was perhaps his own son who had attacked his daughter.

All of these claims, however, did not convince the judge. After reviewing all of the evidence, he concluded that the defendant had indeed committed the crime of incest.

The unworthy father, who is out on bail, will return to court within the next few months for the pleadings on the sentence to be imposed on him. Until then, a psychiatric report and another, sexological, will be produced.