A moving farewell to Natalia Madejczyk. The dancers' relatives could not have put it better. What is it about

For many, she was a friend for so long that they stopped remembering the life before that friendship …

 A touching farewell to Natalia Madejczyk. The dancers' relatives could not put it better. What's going on

The tragic news recently circulated in the media about the fatal accident of the dancer and choreographer Natalia Madejczyk, who died in the hospital after a very serious burn in a fire that broke out in her apartment.

Social media is bursting at the seams with condolences and say goodbye

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The artist suffered severe third degree burns on about 60% of her body, as well as burns throat.

All the artists, as well as the relatives and friends of the dancer who died tragically, cannot understand why this happened to Natalia.

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According to media reports, in in the apartment where the fire broke out, she was not alone, but with friends. Only she, however, suffered such serious injuries that she died.

Now Super Express reports that the late artist, who died on June 21, was farewell by everyone who will miss her, but the most touching farewell has appeared on social media published by the relatives of the deceased Natalia.

Thank you for your words of support and condolences. Beloved, take care of yourself and appreciate each day. I will meet you my dear, stay there

– it can be seen in the post of the late artist's mother.