A multimillion-dollar acquisition of “Zenit” during the match with a stunning shot loaded with ball at referee (video)


Многомиллионное приобретение "Зенита" во время матча эффектным ударом зарядил мячом в рефери (видео)

Malcolm and Turbines

During the match 5 th round of the Russian Premier League between the champion of the country – Sankt-Petersburg “Zenith” and Moscow “Dynamo” (2:0) there was a curious episode.

One of the highlights of the game, when the referee Evgeny Turbin stopped the match and wrote down something in my notebook, the rookie of the St. Petersburg club Malcolm long-range shot bringing the ball closer to the location of the violation – the eye of the Brazilian did not refuse him, and the ball was literally delivered to the point – ie at the referee.

Turbines react to the actions of the Brazilian condescending, showing thumb up. Probably, the reaction Turbine was connected with the apology of Malcolm, who remained behind the scenes. Add, Malcolm 2 Aug moved to Zenit for 40 million euros plus 5 million euros the team will pay Barcelona as bonuses. The contract with the Russian club signed for five years.

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