A native of Ukraine and a key witness in the case of trump resigned from the US army due to bullying

A native of Ukraine, Colonel Alexander Vindman was one of the main witnesses at the hearings on the impeachment of the President of the United States Donald trump last fall. He retired from the armed forces of the United States, the BBC reports.

Выходец из Украины и главный свидетель по делу Трампа ушел из армии США из-за травли

Alexander Vindman. Photo: a video frame of the YouTube/PBS NewsHour

According to the lawyer David Pressman, of Windman such a step has pushed the “campaign of harassment, intimidation, and retribution”, which gave the President the trump.

Colonel wingman that in his childhood he immigrated to the U.S. from Ukraine, last year I heard a phone conversation trump with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

It was the occasion for the cause of impeachment trump.

Contrary to the instructions of the President, wingman gave evidence and confirmed that the conversation of the presidents caused him concern.

Congress in which the majority of votes from the Democrats in December voted to impeach trump, but in the Senate, which is controlled by Republicans, trump in early February, was acquitted.

Shortly thereafter, most officials who testified on the impeachment, lost their positions. Wingman of Lieutenant Colonel, seconded from the Pentagon to the national security Council in the White house, withdrew from the White house under guard and revoked his pass.

However, windman continued his service on a primary place of work in the Department of defense.

In June, when he had to submit to the rank of Colonel, in a press there were publications about what the White house crossed him off the list for a promotion.

“The patriotism of Colonel Windman cost him his career,” said Pressman.

Later he wingman confirmed on Twitter that asked for the resignation from military service.

“Today, I formally asked for dismissal of the US army, an organization which I love. My family and preparing for a new Chapter in our life,” he wrote.

The white house and the President himself, trump has not yet commented on the resignation of Alexander Vindman.

In 2019, the President’s team offered Zelensky Alexander Vindman to become the Minister of defense of Ukraine.



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