A new kind of fraud in 2020: how to protect yourself

New year with a nice “round” figure gives the scammers a new opportunity for forgery, but you can protect yourself with a simple solution: do not abbreviate the date. About it writes USA Today.

Новый вид мошенничества в 2020 году: как себя обезопасить

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Why? The abbreviation of this year is easily changed and can be used against you. The problem is that fraudsters can easily manipulate the document and instead “1/1/20” to do “1/1/2000” or even “1/1/2021”.

According to the auditor dusty Rhodes, writing full date “can protect you and prevent legal problems with the paperwork”.

The threat is real, says Ira Rheingold, Executive Director National Association of consumer advocates.

Reingold said that fraudsters can use this method to set the allegedly unpaid debt or try to cash the old check.

“Let’s say you agreed to make payments starting in 15.01.20. The scammer can theoretically prove that you began to fulfill its obligations 15.01.2009, and try to take your extra money,” said Rheingold.

For example, a check dated “1/1/20”, can become “1/1/2021” next year, and provide the opportunity to cash it. A similar method can be used for debts that have gone beyond the Statute of limitations.

The solution is simple: there is nothing wrong with writing the full date. Specifies the month the word can also help.

Write “January 15, 2020” and not “15.01.20”.

The police also agree with the experts.

“This is very sensible advice and should be taken into account when signing any legal or professional document. This can potentially save you from troubles in future”, — stated in the message of the police of East Millinocket in Maine.