A new law in San Francisco accidentally made the illegal iPhones

In may, 2019 government of San Francisco banned the use of technologies of recognition of persons by police and other agencies blocking tool that was widely criticized for the wrong identification of people of different races. This writes the Business Insider.

Новый закон в Сан-Франциско случайно сделал незаконными айфоны

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San Francisco became the first city in the United States, which banned the technology.

But then some of the iPhone that the authorities of San Francisco have provided to their employees, was illegal in accordance with the new rule.

Local Supervisory Council of San Francisco voted to amend the law so that the city can’t be held accountable for violation of the prohibition, when his employees used such gadgets like the latest iPhone — which comes with a FaceID, an additional feature to unlock the phone. using face recognition.

FaceID from Apple cannot be removed or otherwise displaced from the iPhone.

But the ban on facial recognition is still widely used. Government agencies can purchase and distribute gadgets that are equipped with facial recognition technology, provided that the gadget is considered necessary, its face detection cannot be removed and there is no alternative to this product.

Several other cities followed the example of San Francisco in blocking the technology of face recognition, including Oakland (CA) and Brooklyn (new York) and Somerville (mA).

But some cities make an exception to eliminate the nuances of the prohibition common in present technology. For example, the ban, which operates in Brooklyn, includes specific exceptions for personal devices used by the city. This applies to both Apple FaceID, and photo tags on Facebook.

According to the official web site of the Council of observers, an amendment to the ban on facial recognition technology in San Francisco should be considered by the mayor of London brides before its entry into force.