A new novel Adele takes a serious turn

The last time 31-year-old Adele surprised friends and fans with their impetuous actions. She had not even had time to divorce your husband and father of her only child as she already started a new novel.

Новый роман Адель приобретает серьезный поворот

Moreover, as it became known recently, Adele has managed to acquaint his new boyfriend — rapper Skepta —almost with all your friends. That, in the opinion of friends is pretty tight-lipped singer, is a clear indication that it applies to his new novel very seriously.

How did you learn the insider publication the Sun, for starters, Adele introduced Skepta, whose real name is Joseph Adenuga, his two best friends — the TV presenter James Korden and writer Laura Dockrill. James and Adele became friends when he moved from London to Los Angeles. And Laura does she know since the childhood considers her his closest friend and became the godmother of her son. Moreover, both James and Laura, think of Adele and Skepta make a great couple.

We recall that on the novel of the singer with a rapper talking after she appeared on his birthday last month. However, this does not mean that Adele and Skepta familiar recently. In fact, they first met many years ago and since then kept in touch, exchanging messages in the Network. However, as far as we know, in the novel, their friendship evolved relatively recently — after cachedel left her husband, and Skepta, a former boyfriend of Naomi Campbell broke up with his previous girlfriend, who, in November last year, the mother of his only child. As for Adele, which last month started the divorce process with Simon Konecki, she yet manages to peacefully “share” with your ex-spouse total child — 6-year-old Angelo.